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C++ Open Travel Request Parsing Library
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Main features

A short list of the main features of OpenTrep is given below sorted in different categories. Many more features and functions exist and for these we refer to the reference documentation.

Standard Airline IT Business Object Model (BOM)

  • (Airline) Network-related classes:
    • Network, ReachableUniverse
  • (Air) Travel-related classes:
    • TravelSolution, OriginDestination,
  • (Airline) Inventory-related classes:
    • Inventory, FlightDate, SegmentDate, SegmentCabin, BookingClass, LegDate, LegCabin, Bucket
  • (Airline) Schedule-related classes:
    • FlightPeriod, SegmentPeriod, LegPeriod
  • (Simulated) Passenger-related demand classes:
    • DemandStream, BookingRequest
  • (Air) Price-related classes:
    • YieldStore

Architecture of the OpenTrep library