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C++ Open Travel Request Parsing Library
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Command-Line Test to Demonstrate How To Test the OpenTREP Project
// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// Import section
// //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// STL
#include <sstream>
#include <fstream>
#include <string>
// Boost Unit Test Framework (UTF)
#define BOOST_TEST_MODULE SearchingTestSuite
#include <boost/test/unit_test.hpp>
// OpenTrep
namespace boost_utf = boost::unit_test;
// (Boost) Unit Test XML Report
std::ofstream utfReportStream ("SearchingTestSuite_utfresults.xml");
boost_utf::unit_test_log.set_stream (utfReportStream);
boost_utf::unit_test_log.set_format (boost_utf::XML);
boost_utf::unit_test_log.set_threshold_level (boost_utf::log_test_units);
//boost_utf::unit_test_log.set_threshold_level (boost_utf::log_successful_tests);
// //////////// Constants for the tests ///////////////
const std::string X_XAPIAN_DB_FP ("/tmp/opentrep/test_traveldb");
const std::string X_SQLITE_DB_FP ("/tmp/opentrep/test_traveldb/ori_por_public.csv");
// /////////////// Main: Unit Test Suite //////////////
// Set the UTF configuration (re-direct the output to a specific file)
// Start the test suite
BOOST_AUTO_TEST_SUITE (master_test_suite)
BOOST_AUTO_TEST_CASE (opentrep_simple_search) {
// Output log File
std::string lLogFilename ("SearchingTestSuite.log");
// Travel query
std::string lTravelQuery ("nce");
// Set the log parameters
std::ofstream logOutputFile;
// Open and clean the log outputfile (lLogFilename.c_str());
// Initialise the context
const OPENTREP::TravelDBFilePath_T lTravelDBFilePath (X_XAPIAN_DB_FP);
const OPENTREP::SQLiteDBFilePath_T lSQLiteDBFilePath (X_SQLITE_DB_FP);
OPENTREP::OPENTREP_Service opentrepService (logOutputFile, lTravelDBFilePath,
// Query the Xapian database (index)
OPENTREP::WordList_T lNonMatchedWordList;
OPENTREP::LocationList_T lLocationList;
const OPENTREP::NbOfMatches_T nbOfMatches =
opentrepService.interpretTravelRequest (lTravelQuery, lLocationList,
BOOST_CHECK_MESSAGE (nbOfMatches == 1,
"The travel query ('" << lTravelQuery
<< "') matches with " << nbOfMatches
<< " key-words, whereas 1 is expected.");
// Close the Log outputFile
// End the test suite